December 1st

How does remembering to live connect to the 1st day of December?

It set off my Christmas and New Year stress alarm clock. Only 23 more mad shopping days to purchase those unique gifts everyone will either re-gift or exchange after Boxing Day. Although, I am 90% sure I did not make a 2012 New Year’s resolution those stress hormones had me time travelling forward to imagined disappointing gifts on Christmas Day and circling back and forth to uncompleted 2012 and 2013 resolutions. Enough stress to force a woman to eat a box of chocolate covered anything. Oh, just remembered last year’s resolution.

December is the month of joy and love. Shower yourself and others with joy and love. Be kind. Be courteous. Beware – grumpy shoppers are around for another 23 days. Keep your inner joy alive.


Tip: Take a five-minute walk – observe your surroundings with new eyes. Sparkling Christmas lights in every colour of the rainbow. Excited, happy children. Make a small donation. Smile with your eyes and breath deep – turn your walk into a renewing joyful meditation.

Live Well.


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