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Providing a holistic approach to physical wellness


Reiki can be a very self-empowering process, encouraging growth, change, identifying an awareness of purpose


Yoga will inspire you to find more out of life, starting on the yoga mat offering you a chance to live life to fullest.

Yoga for Mind and Body

Yoga will inspire you to find more out of life, starting on the yoga mat. Beginner and intermediate yoga sessions offer you a chance to live to your fullest potential. Classes focus on breath work, practice of postures with a purpose to develop strength, balance and energy. Postures are progressively and systematically introduced to help reduce injury risk and augment recovery for stress and muscle discomfort. Yoga postures are linked together to create a flow of energy to warm up the body, cleanse and purify the nervous system and awaken the life force energy within all of us.

Creating internal and external balance with programs designed to strengthen your spine, abdominal muscles and create flexibility, balance and strength. Meditation, mindfulness, postures, breathing and relaxation exercises designed for the beginner and advanced while sitting in a chair, standing and resting on your mat.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It is pronounced Rei (Ray for universal) and Ki (Key for vital life force energy) that flows through everyone and everything that is alive – humans, plants, animals (also known as Chi, Prana etc.). This limitless universal life force energy is channeled by the practitioner’s hands releasing warm and soothing energy to open blocks, balance Chakras, create a flow of vital healing energy to bring the body back to its own natural balance.

Reiki can be a very self-empowering process, encouraging growth, change, identifying an awareness of purpose – and – the impetus in establishing a renewed natural balancing between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Ingrid Humphreys is a certified trainer in:

  • Yoga (International Yoga Alliance)
  • Reiki (ICRT, Reiki Master Affiliate Member)
  • Pilates
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Aquatic Water
  • QiGong & Tai Chi
  • Tabata Boot Camp
  • Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT)
  • Self-Management Leadership Training

About Me

Working in the fitness industry over the past 15 years, I have incorporated various teachings of Yoga, Meditation/Mindfulness and Energy Healing Modalities to bring positive energy into the lives of my clients. If you have weight loss goals, are stressed, exhausted, a fitness beginner, older adult or a weekend athlete, I discover, designs and develops mind-body exercise programs and services suited to your quality of life goals.

I became passionate in helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle when working in the corporate legal industry and witnessed how stress and physical injuries can quickly change people’s lives. My clients and teachers report that I have a gentle and effective way of empowering my clients so they can achieve better health and well-being. I have received feedback that I have an innate gift of making people feel comfortable, relaxed, and prepared to start the challenge towards improved fitness.


I am so proud of my clients’ successes. They have simply outdone themselves…

“Prior to my workouts with Ingrid, I suffered constant back pain and took painkillers on a regular basis. With regular workouts with Ingrid my back pain is essentially gone with only the occasional flare-up. A couple of years ago I was in a 4-car collision and suffered stage 4 whiplash and had major upper back, shoulder and arm issues.

I have to say that the inclusion of her workouts in my rehabilitation program was an essential component of my recovery physically, mentally and spiritually. It shaved months of my recovery period. I can’t thank her enough for her help during this difficult period!”


“I am enjoying the Yoga/Pilates classes. With your encouragement I am able successfully challenge myself to another level. I always come away feeling relaxed and energized. Thanks for the motivation!”


“I think you are just simply fantastic. A person who practices what she preaches. I see you and can only hope to be half as vibrant, energetic and positive as you.”


“Ingrid’s approach is real and engaging. She helps you go beyond your limits, within your limits to reach new limits. Relating your life and physical needs in such a cerebral and hilarious manner to make you forget the stresses you walked in with.

I recommend her to all the busy and stressed women in my life. Keep on strengthening, loosening and inspiring us, Ingrid!”


Call me today at 416-358-0343 for a FREE 15 minute consult to discuss how we can help you achieve a healthier, pain-free, well-balanced life.

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Fitness professional serving the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington and Oakville.

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